Graduated from the Department of Ceramics - Glass Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul. In the following 3 years, I was involved in and provided training on art, design and photography projects as a co-founder of Studio Koza in Istanbul. And over the years, I worked in private sector in the field of photography and graphic design.


In 2016, I actively started ceramics again opening up my own studio in Istanbul. Ceramics, with its therapeutic and transformative nature, guided me gently through an inner journey which led me inside to seek for myself, as is.

As a maker, I take my inspiration from this journey which is coming from the inside. On my ceramics, it is either a motion or a color; it is a glitter coming out and blinking. Sometimes intense, sometimes gentle. Revealing myself to share and to spread…

And now I continue my journey in London, since 2018. 


Nur Polat Kantar


A:   Turning Earth In Production Studio, Unit 14, 8 Argall Avenue

London, E10 7QE

T:   0787-234-6470


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