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KILN MODEL:  Skutt KM1227

Firing Capacity - 277 litres 9.9 cubic ft. / Width: 71.45cm/28" / Depth 68.58cm/27"


Costs £110 a firing with a round chamber size of: 715 mm diameter x 686 mm high.

Price covers packing and unpacking, kiln programming and electricity.


Bookings are confirmed by advance payment.

A firing takes two days to complete. Please specify upon booking which day and time you will deliver and collect. 

Work for biscuit firing will not be fired on time if it arrives in the studio and is not fully dry.

Pieces for glaze firing must have their bases 100% clean from glaze and 5mm must be wiped away up the sides

from the base to prevent work sticking to shelves and destroying work and shelves. 

No responsibility is taken for ceramic faults where the kiln has fired correctly because these faults are due to issues

in the making and drying process.



To enquire about kiln firing services, please email me :

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